Complete houses

German craftsmanship

Do you believe kit houses are cheaply built, run of the mill, without character?
We can take you to a show house exhibition of a different kind.


Do you want better insulation than this?

Many homes in Germany are now built to the Passiv Haus Standard, which is the basis for the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes.

Most house manufacturers in Germany have offered that standard for many years.

Advantages of buying a German factory built home:

  • Speed of build: the house shell is erected on site wind and weather tight in a very short time (approx 1 week)

  • The house can be completely finished in 3 months – saving you rent or double mortgages.

  • Architectural design service included in price – reducing your architects fees

  • Full structural engineering provided No dependence on the weather for months

  • Fixed price which gives you financial assurance Highly experienced work force

  • Different stages of completion – if you want to do some of the work yourself

  • Less project management needed

We can take you to a Show House Exhibition where you will find
over 70 different homes of very high specifications.



The houses' insulation values and the use of highly energy efficient heating systems are a major point in their development. The main German kit house manufacturers like HUF, DAVINCI or WEBER and many others are present to discuss your requirements.


The houses can normally be purchased in different stages of completion, from energy-efficient wall panels only to turn-key homes.


Most of the manufacturers build the kit according to your own design, so you are completely free to use your own ideas and get them to put them into practice.


But even if you want to do a complete Self-Build it is worth coming to this  show house exhibition to get many good ideas and inspirations.